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Vacation Rentals in the region of Tuscany, Italy. Self-catering farmhouses and villas to rent, village accommodation,
farm house apartments and rooms, and B&B Bed and Breakfasts for your vacation in Tuscany.

Tuscany vacation rentals

Tuscan holiday homes

Tuscany is one of the most diverse areas of Italy, famous both for its art cities and its wonderful countryside, and for its plains, valleys and mountains. One way to truly experience Tuscany during your vacation here is to establish your base in the countryside but within reach of the important cities and towns. By staying in a villa, agriturismo, farmhouse apartment or Bed & Breakfast out in the country, you enjoy the quietness, clean and cool air and, if you wish, a swimming pool that come with country accommodations. You will also get to know the local people and, of course, also the local restaurants, wines and foods. It's useful but not essential to have a car. There are good bus services throughout Tuscany, supplementing the trains that run between the main centres.

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Tuscany holiday homes.

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